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Everybody Welcome:

The Story of Fannie Mae Duncan and the Cotton Club

A video portrait of Colorado Springs businesswoman Fannie Mae Duncan who was a leader in the African-American community

and successful night club and restaurant owner during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.  Her night club, “The Cotton Club” was open to

both black and white customers in an era when segregation was practiced.  This program uses archival photographs and interviews with

Ms. Duncan and her nephew, Les Franklin.  Includes discussions on the race relations in Colorado Springs during the 1950s through

the 1980s and the various black performers who played her club, including Flip Wilson who was stationed at nearby Fort Carson.


A Pikes Peak Library District, Video Production Center production. Produced by Steve Antonuccio, Mark Bell, Ree Mobley, Dave Rickert.  Cover photograph by Lew Tilley.

Written by Steve Antonuccio and Mark Bell.  DVD-R Standard format video, NTSC/2012/Color/Approx. 29 min./Not Rated. ISBN 9781567353037.

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Frozen To Death On Pikes Peak:

A Cold Case Investigation

Commemorating  the 100th anniversary of the alleged deaths of Willis and Sallie Skinner, Pikes Peak Library District’s Kaitlin Hoke and

Katie Rudolph involve you in solving the mystery of a photo postcard labeled, “Frozen To Death on Pike’s Peak Aug. 21, 1911.”

Was someone really frozen on the Peak during the middle of the summer?  Was the picture postcard real, or was it a hoax?  Kaitlin and Katie

analyze the evidence to solve the case.  Decide for yourself if the card was a morbid joke, or if it documented a real freak tragedy.


A Pikes Peak Library District, Video Production Center Film.  DVD-R Widescreen format video, NTSC. /2011/ Color / Approx. 30 min. + Bonus Content. ISBN 9781567352894.

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William Jackson Palmer: Performances

On March 13, 2009, the 100th anniversary of Gen. William Jackson Palmer’s death, Raymond Purl performed a one-man play which he wrote about

Palmer’s life, his wife Queen and her death, and his horseback riding accident. Ray, his wife Marshie, and their daughters Mara and Linda are a family of

actors and writers.  Ray retired as the director of Union Carbide and Mitsubishi Chemicals Corporation in Japan, where he and his family reactivated

what has become the Tokyo International Players.  Approx. 34 min.

“Can you give up some?” is a unique historical performance through puppetry of the interactions between William Jackson Palmer and Queen based

on passages from the original writings of Palmer, Queen and people of their world.  Presented by Katherine Scott Sturdevant and Stephen Collins, with

Elsie Collins.  Narrated by Catherine Collins and Rick W. Sturdevant.  Approx. 47 min.


A Pikes Peak Library District, Video Production Center production. DVD-R Widescreen format video, NTSC / 2012 / Color / Not Rated / ISBN 9781567352948

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Tracing Tesla:

The Search For His Lost Laboratory

On May 17, 1899, a brief but electrifying chapter in Colorado history began when Nikola Tesla arrived in Colorado Springs, with the goal

of taming nature’s wild energy.  Although the visionary scientist’s time in the city was short, less than one year, the insights visited upon him

during grand electrical experiments in his barn-like laboratory on Knob Hill, profoundly affected the course of his life and ideas.  To this day,

the exact location of Tesla’s lab remains a puzzle.  With help from Pikes Peak Library District Special Collections librarian Dennis Daily,

history investigator Kevin Hudgens searches for the location of this mysterious lab.  Produced, filmed and edited by Jamey Hastings. Winner of

a 2011 Bronze Telly Award in the documentary category honoring outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, the

finest video and film productions, and web commercials, videos and films.  Approx. 43 min.


A Pikes Peak Library District, Video Production Center film.  DVD-R Widescreen format video, NTSC / 2010 / Color / Not Rated / ISBN 9781567352924

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