Authors of the Pikes Peak Region

and Southern Colorado

a preliminary bibliographic project

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Abbot, Morris W.

Cog Railway to Pike's Peak [Manitou and Pikes Peak Railway] (San Marino, CA) Golden West Books, 1981. 8vo, wraps. 47p.


Adams, Robert Hickman

White Churches of the Plains : Examples from Colorado. (Boulder) Colorado Associated University Press. 1970. 4to, hb. Wynar/Depp 8369.


Agnew, Jeremy

Exploring the Colorado High Country. (Colo Sprgs) Wildwood Press. 1977. 8vo pb. 150p.


Von Ahlefeldt, Judy

Thunder, Sun and Snow, The History of Colorado's Black Forest. (Colo Sprgs) Century One Press. 1979. pb. 128p.


Aiken, Charles E.; ( with Warren, Edward R.)

Colorado College Pub. General Series No. 74, Science Series, Vol. XII, No. 13. I. The Birds of El Paso County Colorado Part I.  1914, paperback.


Air Force Academy

The Falcon Footballer; Air Force Academy Vs. Colorado State University ("Colorado Day" Issue) - September 22, 1962. 4to paperback. 52p.


Albrecht, Charles G. (chairman)

Downtown Studies & Surveys; Woodland Park, Coloardo. Woodland Park Downtown Development Association. 1986. 4to, comb-bound. 36p.


Aldrich, John K.

Ghosts of Teller County: a Guide to the Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Teller County, Colorado. Self-published 1986. 4to pb. 40p.

Ghosts of Summit County: a Guide to the Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Summit County, Colorado. 1986. 8vo paperback. 44p.


Aldridge, Dorothy

Historic Colorado City : The Town with a Future (A Quick History). (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press. 1996. 8vo, Paperback.

A Peek Into the Past. (Colo Sprgs) Gowdy Printcraft. 1991. 8vo paperback. 194p.


Anderson, Berta

Wild Flower Name Tales. (Colo Sprgs) Century One Press, 1976. 8vo paperback. 124p.


Anderson, George L.

General William Jackson Palmer, A Decade of Colorado Railroad Building 1870-1880 (Colorado College Pub. General Series No. 209). Wraps. 1936.


Appleton, Roger

The Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad. (Cripple Creek, CO) Leland Feitz. 1970. paperback


Andrus, Burton C., Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

25th Anniversary Pictorial Review of the United States Air Force Academy 1954 to 1979. USAFA, 1979. 4tto, Hard Cover. 250p.


Archuleta, Ruben E.

Land of the Penitentes; Land of Tradition. (Pueblo West, CO) El Jefe, 2003. 8vo, wraps. 258p.

Eppie Archuleta and the Tale of Juan De La Burra (Pueblo West, CO) El Jefe, 2004. 8vo paperback. 384p.

Penitente Renaissance: Manifesting Hope (Pueblo West, CO) El Jefe, 2007. 4to, paperback. 98p.


Armour, Mary; (with Lane, Margot)

Scrapbook of Memories 1936-1996. (Colo Sprgs) Fine Arts Center. 1996. 8vo, paperback. 47p [Broadmoor Art Academy]


Armstrong, Helen

The Walking Tour: A Guide to Historic Old Colorado City. (Manitou Sprgs) TextPros. 8vo, paperback. 50p.


Arnest, Barbara M.

A Quiet Work: One Hundred Years of the W.E.S. (Colo Sprgs) The Woman's Educational Society of The Colorado College. 4to pb. 52p.

Van Briggle Pottery: The Early Years. (Colo Sprgs) Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. 1975. 4to, pb. 70p. Wynar/Depp 5687.


Aro, Margaret Packard

Hakim Sahib "Sir Doctor" The Great Adventure Story of a Missionary Surgeon…(Colo Sprgs) Out of the Box Publishers. 2003. pb, 266p.


Bancroft, Caroline

Famous Aspen: Its Complete Story As Guide and Souvenir. (Aspen) Aspen Times, 1951. 8vo, stapled wraps. 48p.

Photo Story of the Matchless Mine and Baby Doe Tabor. (Denver) Golden Press. 1953. 24p.

Historic Central City:  Its Exciting Present and Spectacular Past. (Denver) Golden Press, 1953. 48p.

The Unsinkable Mrs. Brown. (Denver) Golden Press, 1956. 8vo, pb. 40p.

Glenwood's Early Glamor (Boulder) Johnson Publishing, 1958. Wraps, 8vo. Wynar/Depp 979.

Gulch of Gold: A History of Central City, Colorado. (Denver) Sage Books, 1958; 8vo hardcover. 387p. Wynar/Depp 1003.

Colorful Colorado; Its Dramatic History. (Denver) Sage Books. 1959. 8vo hardcover.

Tabor's Matchless Mine and Lusty Leadville. (Boulder) Johnson Pub., 1960. 8vo, paperback.

Silver Queen:  The Fabulous Story of Baby Doe Tabor (Illustrated) .(Boulder) Johnson Pub., 1962. 8vo, pb; 80p.

Estes Park and Grand Lake: Romantic History of the Trail Ridge Towns. (Boulder) Johnson Pub. 1968; 8vo pb., 72p.

Two Burros of Fairplay. (Boulder) Johnson Pub., 1968., 8vo, paperback.

Unique Ghost Towns and Mountain Spots. (Boulder) Johnson Pub.; 8vo, pb; 96p.

Colorado's Lost Gold Mines and Buried Treasure. (Boulder) Johnson Pub. 8vo pb.


Barbaro, Barbara J.

Law and Disorder in Colorado City 1859-1917; (Colo Sprgs) OCCHC, 2009. 8vo, pb. 116p.


Bartlett, Dorothy

Flexile Feet. (cover design and initial letters/rubrics by Pat Musick)  (Colo Sprgs) Century One Press, 1979. 8vo, Blue Wraps. 62p. Poetry.


Bartlett, Landell

The Vanguard of Venus (Presented With the Compliments of 'Amazing Stories'). (NY) Experimenter Publishing Co., 1928.  28p.; Reprinted by Filter Press of Palmer, Lake, Colorado, with Mr. Bartlett's name misspelled on the front cover - "Barlett";  author was a Science Fiction enthusiast, a long-time resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado, and was married to scholar and Colorado Poetess Dorothy Bartlett; (The Early Years 134. Bleiler (1978), p. 17.)


Bates, James L.

The First Fifty Years of AdAmAn 1923-1973. (Colo Sprgs) Pikes Peak AdAmAn, 1973. 4to, hardcover. 61p.


Ed & Nancy Bathke


Bergstrom, Leslie & Kim

Trips on Twos: 15 Walking Tours of Colorado Springs. 1980. Published by authors.


Black, Ann N.  The Miner’s Cap. 2013. Createspace (Colorado Springs). Historical Fiction, young adult; Story of the 1914 Ludlow Massacre. Paperback.


Black, Celeste

The Pearl of Cripple Creek; The Story of Cripple Creek's Most Famous Madam, Pearl Devere. (Colo Sprgs) Black Bear Pub., 1997. 8vo pb. 18p.

Queen of Glen Eyrie : Story of Mary Lincoln Mellen Palmer… (Colo Sprgs) Black Bear Pub., 1999. 8vo pb., 125p.


Bogue, Dorothy McGraw

The Van Briggle Story. (Colo Sprgs) author-published, 1968. 8vo paperback. 53p. Second Ed. 1978, 60p.


Breckenridge, Juanita

El Paso County Heritage. (Dallas) Curtis Media, 1985. Black Cloth, Folio. The only edition.


Brown, Robert L.

Jeep Trails to Colorado Ghost Towns (Caldwell) Caxton, 1963. 8vo, hardcover, 239pp.  Wynar/Depp 515.

An Empire of Silver; A History of the San Juan Silver Rush (Caldwell) Caxton, 1965. 8vo, hardcover, 328p. Wynar/Depp 3758

Denver Westerners Roundup, Vol. XXI, No. 4, April 1965  (Animas Forks - The Life and Death of a Mining Camp). 8vo, wraps. 16p.

Ghost Towns of the Colorado Rockies. (Caldwell) Caxton, 1968. Octavo, hardcover. 401p. w/index.  Wynar/Depp 514.

Denver Westerners Roundup, Vol. XXVI, No. 5, May 1970  (O. W. Daggett  and the Holy Cross Trail). 8vo, wraps. 24p.

Holy Cross: The Mountain and the City. (Caldwell) Caxton, 1970. Octavo, wraps. 154p.

Colorado Ghost Towns-- Past and Present (Caldwell) Caxton, 1972. Octavo hardcover, 322p. Wynar/Depp 513.

Uphill Both Ways: Hiking Colorado's High Country. (Caldwell) Caxton, 1976. 8vo, wraps. 232p, 8 maps.

Saloons of the American West: An Illustrated Chronicle (Denver) Sundance Books, 1978. 4to, hardcover. 144p.

An Empire of Silver: An Illustrated History (Denver) Sundance Books, 1984. hardcover, 4to. 224p.

The Great Pikes Peak Gold Rush. (Caldwell) Caxton, 1985. 8vo, hardcover. 124p. also issued in pb, 1985.

Denver Westerners Roundup: January-February 1986,  Carry Nation Vigilante in Petticoats. 8vo wraps. Volume 42, No. 1; 16 p.

Cripple Creek Then and Now (Denver) Sundance Books, 1991. 4to hardcover. 128p.

Colorado on Foot. (Caldwell) Caxton, 1991. 8vo paperback. (hiking guide)

Central City and Gilpin County: Then and Now (Caldwell) Caxton, 1994. 8vo, pb. 200p.


Bruce-Fritz, Carl; ( with Gardner, Kathryn Davis)

On the Home Front: Colorado Springs in World War II.  Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. 1994. 4to pb. 41p.


Brunk, Ivan W.

Pike's Peak Pioneers. (Colo Sprgs) Pulpit Rock Press, 1987. 8vo, paperback. 96p.

Shattered Dreams on Pikes Peak: Jones Park, Lake Moraine and Seven Lakes. (Colo Sprgs) Pulpit Rock Press, 1989. Paperback, 8vo. 64p.

Crystal Park: The Gem of Pikes Peak - The History of a Unique Community. (Colo Sprgs) Pulpit Rock Press, 1990. 8vo, paperback. 64p.


Cafky, Morris

Rails Around Gold Hill. (Denver) The Rocky Mountain Railroad Club, 1955. 4to, hard cover cloth. maps.Wynar/Depp 6630.

Colorado Midland. (Denver) Rocky Mountain Railroad Club, 1965. 4to hard cover cloth. 467p; maps. Wynar/Depp 6600.

Steam Tramways of Denver, The Colorado Eastern Railroad, and   Denver, Longmont and Northwestern. (Denver) Rocky Mtn Railroad Club, 1983.

Pikes Peak Trolleys. (co-authored by John Haney). (Colo Sprgs) Century One Press, 1983. 4to, hard cover. 99p.

Pueblo's Steel Town Trolleys (co-authored with John Haney). (Boulder) Colorado Railroad Historical Foundations, 1999. 4tto, wraps, 144p.


Cardona, Betty Jo

The Cliff House: Pikes Peak Hospitality [co-author Deborah Harrison] (Manitou Sprgs, CO) Manitou Mini Books, 2007. 16mo, pb. 99p.


Carter, Harvey Lewis

The Pikes Peak Region: A Sesquicentennial History Historical Society of the Pikes Peak Region, 1956. 8vo, wraps. Wynar/Depp 546.

Zebulon Montgomery Pike, Pathfinder and Patriot (Colo Sprgs) author-published, 1956. Wraps, 8vo.

 'Dear Old Kit'  The Historical Christopher Carson. (Norman) Univ. of Oklahoma, 1968. 4to, hardcover. 250p.

Far Western Frontiers. (Washington, DC) American Historical Assn., 1972. 8vo, paperback.

A Centennial Calendar for Colorado Springs 1976. (Colo Sprgs) author-published, 1975. Stiff fabricoid wraps.

Mountain Men and Fur Traders of the Far West. Eighteen Biographical Sketches. Contributing author. Bison Books, 1982. 8vo pb.

The Life and Times of Little Turtle: First Sagamore of the Wabash. (Urbana) Univ of Illinois, 1987. 8vo, hardcover. 275p.

Kit Carson: A Pattern For Heroes (co-authored by Thlema S. Guild) Univ of Nebraska/Bison Books, 1988. 8vo pb. 367p.

Heroes of the Wild West Collections (5 vol set) author of Vol 5 Dear old Kit [Carson]. Easton Press, 1992. hardcover, full-leather.

Trappers of the Far West: Sixteen Biographical Sketches. (contributing author) Bison Books, 2012.


Carson, Phil

Among the Eternal Snows; the First Recorded Ascent of Pikes Peak, July 13-15, 1820 (Colo Sprgs) First Ascent Press, 1995. 8vo, wraps. 46p.


Ciletti, Jim

Sunfire Terra Publications, 2008. 8vo paperback. Poetry. Author’s second published work.


City Planning Department [Colorado Springs]

Old Colorado City Historic Inventory. (Colo Sprgs) City Planning Dept., circa post 1976. 8vo, stapled wraps. 62p.


Clapesattle, Helen

Dr. Webb of Colorado Springs (Boulder) University Press of Colorado, 1984. 8vo, hardcover. 507p.


Clark, Albert P.

Falconry at the United States Air Force Academy: (USAFA) Friends of the USAFA Library, 2003. 4to hardcover. 84p.

33 Months as a POW in Stalag Luft III: A World War II Airman Tells His Story. (Golden) Fulcrum Pub, 2004. 8vo, pb. 207p.


Crews, Anglea (see Kallaus, Donald).


Henry A. Clausen


Colorado Springs Automobile Club (compiled by)

Automobile Roads and Drives in and About Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region Colo Sprgs Chamber of Commerce, 1911. 12mo, pb. 59p.


William R. Conte

The Old Cripple Creek Stage Road (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press, 1984. 8vo pb, 42p.

The Cheyenne Mountain Story: Its Legend, Its History, Its People (Colo Sprgs) Century One Press, 1988. 8vo, pb. 96p.


Cozart, Linda (& Carrie Robertson)

The School Brought Us Together, Black Forest Remembers Its Old Log School. Author- published. 1996, 8vo pb.


Curtin, Dave, et al.

Colorado Springs: Rocky Mountain Majesty (Memphis) Towney Pub., 1995. Folio, hardcover. 192p.


Daniels, Bettie Marie

The Springs of Manitou [co-authored by Virginia McConnell]. (Denver) Sage Books, 1964. 8vo, pb. 96p.


Davant, Jeanne

Wellsprings: A History of the Pikes Peak Region (Colorado Springs) Gazette Enterprises, 2001. Wide 4to, Paperback.


Davis, Bob

Chuck Wagon Saga: History and True Tales from Experiences at the Chuck Wagon Dinners in the Garden of the Gods. Peerless Prtg., 1956. 63p.; Wynar/Depp 6852.


Davis, Julian

Cripple Creek Poem Poke: Verses About Mining for Gold...and Truth. (Wantagh, NY) Manitou Enterprises. 12mo, paperback. 53p. poetry.


Davis, Paul M.

History of Battery "C" 148th Field Artillery, American Expeditionary Forces. (Colo Sprgs) Out West Pub., 1919. Hard Cover. 255p.


De Vries, John A.

Eaglerock : The History of the Alexander Aircraft Company (Colo Sprgs) Century One Press, 1984. 4to, hard cover & paperback.126p.


DeWitt, Donald. 

Pike and Pikes Peak: A Brief Life of Zebulon Montgomery Pike (Colo Sprgs) Gowdy-Simmons Press, 1906. stapled pb. 53p. Wynar/Depp 180.


Draper, Wanetta W.

Ghost Trails to Ghost Towns [Inez Hunt co-author] (Denver) Sage Books, 1958. 8vo, paperback. 48p.

Horsefeathers and Applesauce:  The Story of Bishop Frank Hamilton Rice. [Inez Hunt co-author] (Denver) Sage Books, 1959. 8vo, pb. 27p.

To Colorado's Restless Ghosts [Inez Hunt co-author] (Denver) Sage Books, 1960. 8vo, hardcover. 330p. Wynar/Depp 134.

Lightning in His Hand: The Life Story of Nikola Tesla [co-authored with Inez Hunt] (Denver) Sage Books, 1964. 8vo, hardcover. 269p.

Colorado Crazy Quilt [Inez Hunt co-author] (Colo Sprgs) Hah Publications, 1971. 8vo, hardcover. 94p.


Drucker, Donna

To Your Holy Mountain: The History of St. Mary's Catholic Church and Cathedral in Colorado Springs. (Colo Sprgs) Star Pub., 2000. 180p.


Duncan, Fannie May; Esmiol, Kathleen F.  Everybody Welcome: A Memoir of Fannie Mae Duncan and the Cotton Club. (Colo Sprgs). 2013. 359p.


Dunn, William R.

War Drum Echoes:  A Narrative History of the Indian Wars in Colorado. (Colo Sprgs) Author-published, 1979. 8vo, orange wraps. 127p.

Fighter Pilot; The First American Ace of World War II. University Press of Kentucky, 1982. 8vo, hardcover. 234p.


Durcan, Jane

The Penrose Cancer Hospital: "The First Thirty-Five Years" (Colo Sprgs) Century One Press, 1976. 8vo, hardcover. 120p.


Ellett, Vera Rusk

Growing Up in Black Forest (Colo Sprgs) self-published, 1990. 8vo, paperback. 76p.


Ellinwood, LeRoy

The Young Fifty-Niners (Denver) Old West Publishing, 1955. 8vo, hardcover.


Ellis, Amanda

Elizabeth the Woman (NY) E.P. Dutton, 1951. 8vo, hardcover.  319p.

Bonanza Towns: Leadville and Cripple Creek (Colo Sprgs) author-published, 1954. 8vo, stapled Wraps. 48p.

Legends and Tales of the Rockies (Colo Sprgs) Dentan Printing, 1954. 8vo, pb. 60p.

The Colorado Springs Story. (Colo Sprgs) Dentan Printing,1954. 8vo, pb. 48p

Pioneers (Colo Sprgs) Dentan Printing, 1955. 8vo, paperback. 52p. Wynar/Depp 128.

The Romance of Uranium (Colo Sprgs) author-published, 1955. 8vo paperback. 64p.

The Strange, Uncertain Years.. (Hamden, CT) Shoe String Press, 1959. 8vo hard cover. 423p. Wynar/Depp 519.

Rebels and Conservatives, Dorothy and William Wordsworth and Their Circle. (Bloomington) Indiana Univ. Press, 1967. 8vo, hardcover. 367p.


Englert, Lorene & Kenneth

Oliver Perry Wiggins: Fantastic, Bombastic Frontiersman (Wild and Wooly West Series, 6). (Palmer Lake, CO) Filter Press. 1968, pb.


Esmiol, Kathleen F.:  See Duncan, Fannie Mae.


Fagan, George V.

A Study Guide For American History. Temple University, 1957. Paperback.

The Air Force Academy: An Illustrated History (Boulder) Johnson Books, 1988. 4to, hard cover. 248p.

Air Force Academy Heritage: The Early Years. Paperback. ISBN 1555916147


Feitz, Leland

Myers Avenue: A Quick History of Cripple Creek’s Red Light District. (Denver) Golden Bell Press.

Platoro Colorado, Mining Camp and Resort Town (Denver) Golden Bell Press,1969. 8vo pb. 32p.

A Quick History of Creede, Colorado Boom Town (Denver) Golden Bell Press,1969 pb 48p

Cripple Creek Railroads: A Quick History of the Great Gold Camp's Railroad (Denver) Golden Bell Press, 1969. 8vo, pb. 30p.

A Quick History of Victor: Colorado's "City of Mines" (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press,1969. 8vo pb. 48p.

The Antlers: A Quick History of Colorado Springs' Historic Hotel. (Denver) Golden Bell Press, 1972. 8vo pb. 48p.

A Century of Service:  A 100 Year History of The First Presbyterian Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Jean Stang co-author) 1972. 8vo pb.

Soapy Smith's Creede: The Silver Camp in 1892. (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press,1973. 8vo pb. 24p.

Ghost Towns of the Cripple Creek District (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press, 1974. 8vo paperback. 68p.

Colorado Trolleys (A Quick Photo History of Colorado's Streetcars) (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press, 1975. pb. 60p.

Alamosa (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press, 1976. 8vo pb.

The Winter Night Club: 75th Anniversary. 1977, 8vo pb. 25p.

Cripple Creek! : World's Greatest Goldcamp (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press. 8vo paperback

Cripple Creek Railroads: The Rail Systems of the Gold Camp  (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press. pb. 30p.

A Pictorial History of Cripple Creek (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press, 48p.

Quartzsite, Arizona: No Ordinary Place: a Mini-History (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press, 1980. 8vo pb. 30p.

Colorado's San Luis Valley, A Pictorial History (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press, 1997. 4to, paperback. 48p.

Conejos County: A Quick History of Colorado's Land of Many Contrasts (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press, 1998. 8vo pb. 64p.

A Pictorial History of Colorado Springs: From Beginning to the Boom. (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press, 2000. 120 rare photos. 4to pb. 64p

From Seven to Seventy-Seven: a Memoir of Sorts (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press, 2001. 8vo pb. 105p.

Growing Up in the San Luis Valley: A Depression Era Memoir (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press, 2004. 8vo, pb. 40p

Colorful Characters of Cripple Creek, Colorado; Forty-Seven Mini-Biographies of People Who Left Their Mark. Little London Press, 2005. pb

Faces & Places: The San Luis Valley and Beyond (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press, 2006. 8vo pb. 88p.

A Pictorial History of 20th Century Pueblo (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press, 2008. 4to, pb. 52p.


Fetler, John

The Pikes Peak People (Caldwell) Caxton Printers, 1966. Hard Cover, 8vo. 296p.


Finlay, George Irving

Colorado Springs A Guide-Book (Colo Sprgs) Out West Co., 1906. 8vo, green cloth. 61p., plus 42 plates & a map. Wynar/Depp 2412.


Finley, Judith Reid

Coming of Age in Colorado Springs 1945-1955 (Colo Sprgs) author-published, 1994. 4to, paperback. 67p.

Time Capsule 1900: Colorado Springs a Century Ago (Colo Sprgs) Pastwords Pubs., 1998. 4to, paperback. 117p.

The Century Chest Letters of 1901: A Colorado Springs Legacy. (Colo Sprgs) Colorado College, 2001. 8vo pb. 234p.


Frank, James

A Portrait of Pikes Peak Country. Altitude Publishing, 2000. 4to, hardcover. 80p.


Freed, Elaine; [Barber, David (prepared by)]

Historic Sites & Structures; El Paso County, Colorado. (Colo Sprgs) El Paso County Land Use Development. 1977. Stapled Paperback, 8vo. 56p.


Frost, Hunter S.

Art, Artifacts, Architecture: Fountain Valley School (Colo Sprgs) Tiverton Press, 1980. 4to, paperback.

Looking Over My Shoulder: Photographs By Hunter Frost. (Colo Sprgs) Tiverton Press, 2004. 4to, Paperback. 57p.


Fuller, Anna

Peak and Prairie: From A Colorado Sketch-Book. Illustrated by Emma G. Moore. (NY) G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1894. cloth, 16mo. 291p.

A Literary Courtship: Under the Auspices of Pike’s Peak. (NY) G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1893. cloth, 16mo. 12 full-page illustrations. 184p.


Gandy, Willard Eugene

The History of the Town of Monument, El Paso County, Colorado (Gunnison) Western State College, 1951. Thesis (M.A.) 86p, illust., maps. W/D 919.


Gard, E. Chapin (comp.)

Palmer Lake and Environments: The Wonderland of the West (Palmer lake, CO) Published by the Town, 1894. 37, 11p. Wynar/Depp 920.


Gardner, Mark Lee

In the Shadow of Pike's Peak: An Illustrated History of Colorado Springs. (Carlsbad, CA) Heritage Media Corp., 1999. 4to hardcover.

To Hell On A Fast Horse: Billy The Kid, Pat Garrett, and the Epic Chase To Justice In The Old West (NY) HarperCollins, 2010. 8vo hb. 325p.


Griggs, Arthur H.

Guide: Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region (Colo Sprgs) Chamber of Commerce. 1904 . wraps. 41, 23p. illust. Wynar/Depp2414.


Michael Hague


Haney, John A.

Pikes Peak Trolleys. (co-authored by Morris Cafky). (Colo Sprgs) Century One Press, 1983. 4to, hard cover. 99p.

Pueblo's Steel Town Trolleys (co-authored with Morris Cafky). (Boulder) Colorado Railroad Historical Foundations, 1999. 4tto, wraps, 144p.


Harrison, Deborah

Images of America Manitou Springs (Charleston, SC) Arcadia Publishing, 2003. 8vo pb. 128p.

The Cliff House: Pikes Peak Hospitality [co-authored with Betty Jo Cardona] (Manitou Sprgs, CO) Manitou Mini Books, 2007. 16mo, pb. 99p.

Manitou Springs: [Heritage Center] Then and Now (Charleston, SC) Arcadia Pub. 2012, 8vo pb. 128p.


Hawley, Brenda


Hetzler, Rosemary & John

Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Country: A Pictorial History (Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA) Donning Co., 1981. 4to hardcover. 219p. revised 1989


Hollenback, Frank R.

Pikes Peak By Rail  (co-authored by William Russell Jr.) (Denver: Sage Books, 1962. 8vo, Stapled Wraps, 91p. Wynar/Depp 6681.


Holley, John Stokes

The Invisible People of the Pikes Peak Region: An Afro-American Chronicle Friends of Pioneer Museum, 1990. 8vo paperback. 228p.


Howbert, Irving

Indians of the Pike's Peak Region (NY) G.P. Putnam, 1914. 8vo, cloth hardcover. Howes H-715; Wynar/Depp 1512.

Indians of the Pikes Peak Region. (Glorieta) Rio Grande Pres, 1970. reprint of 1914 ed, with photos and 8-page index added. 8vo hardcover.

Memories of A Lifetime In The Pikes Peak Region (NY) G.P. Putnam, 1925. 8vo cloth hardcover. 298p. Wynar/Dep 553.

Memories of a Lifetime in the Pikes Peak Region (Glorieta) Rio Grande Press, 1970. 17 pages of photos plus index added. 8vo hardcover.


Inez Hunt


Jackson, Donald

The Journals of Zebulon Montgomery Pike: With Letters and Related Documents 2 Volumes [editor] Univ of Oklahoma Press, 1966

Zebulon Pike's Damned Rascals: Occasional Papers No. 1 (Colo Sprgs) Pikes Peak Posse of the Westerners, 1979. ( Contributing author), 8vo pb.

Valley Men: Speculative Account of the Arkansas Expedition of 1807 (New Haven) Ticknor & Fields, 1983. 8vo, hardcover, 228p.

A Year at Monticello, 1795 (Golden, CO) Fulcrum Publishing, 1989. 8vo hardcover, 117p.


Jackson, Helen Hunt

A Century of Dishonor

Ramona (Boston) Roberts Brothers. 8vo, cloth hardcover. 490p.

Zeph: A Posthumous Story (Boston) Roberts Brothers,1885.



Jacobs, Randy

Palmer Lake Trails; Palmer Lake [CO] Historical Society. 1996


James, Thomas N.

These Beautiful Hills; A Natural History of the Air Force Academy (Palmer Lake, CO) Filter Press, 1972. 8vo hardcover cloth. 54p.


Johnson, Emily

The White House Ranch. paperback; published by author in 1972.


Johnson, Mary Ellen

A Century of Power:  A History of Local Union 113's First One Hundred Years. (Woodland Park, CO) Voices Publ., 2000.


Jones, Carol Bentley

The Green Family History, privately printed in Fountain, Co., 1996. 4to, Comb-bound wraps, 60p.


Kallaus, Donald; Crews, Angela;

Colorado Springs: A Changing Landscape. The Photography of Glenn W. Murray and the Creative Eight. Rhyolite Press, Colorado Springs, CO. 2019. 134p.                                                                                                                  


Kanas, Mary & Jane Steahlin (eds.)

Around Pikes Peak: Tips, Trips, Treks - with "A Touch of History" By Marshall Sprague.  Junior League of Colorado Springs, CO. 1967.


Keithley, Maud Mattox.

Packy Climbs Pike's Peak. (NY) Abingdon-Cokesbury Press, 1941; 110p., cloth-bound Octavo.


Kempner, Helen Ashley Anderson ("Sagebrush Annie")

Bonanza!  A Pictorial History of Colorado's Kerbes Creek Country. (Colo Sprgs) Little London Press, 1978. pb, 48p.

Legends and Tales of the San Luis and Rio Grande Valleys. Published by author, 1983.


Kerstetter, Josie DeFalla

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. Published by FAC.1986. Quarto paperback. 210p.


Kilgore, Hermina Gertrude

Rough Road in the Rockies. (Colo Sprgs) Century One Press, 1961. Wynar/Depp 6415.

A Dean's Days: Experiences of a Secondary School Dean. (Colo. Sprgs.) Self-published. 1975; 64p.


King, Larry L.

The History of Calhan and Vicinity 1888-1988. (Simla, CO) Gaddy Printing Co.1987.  240p. Hard Cover & Paperback.


Kitch, John I. and Betsy B.

WOODMEN VALLEY, Stage Stop to Suburb. (Palmer, Lake, CO) Filter Press, 1970.


Knapp, Lewis Mansfield

Tobias Smollett: Doctor of Men and Manners. (Princeton, NJ) Princeton Univ. Press, 1949. 8vo cloth. 362p.


Langston, Olive Walker

Homesteading in Eastern Colorado. (Colo Sprgs) Old Colorado City History Center. 1998. 8vo, paperback. 14p.


Larson, H. Kay Brander

Valley of the Fountain. (Fountain, CO) The Shopper Press, Inc., 1969. 8vo, Paper Back. 128p. Wynar/Depp 922.


Lavelett, Lucille

Through The Years At Monument, Colorado. Author-published, (ABC Printing).  1975.  8vo, Wraps. 65p.

Monument's Faded Neighbor Communities and Its Folk Lore. Author-published, 1979. 8vo, Wraps.


Lee, Mabel Barbee

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